Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birdcage project

Hi Chica's
I know it's been forever long since my last post so sorry, believe me my friend Dora got on my case yesterday for having no new post! So here is a project I did last night. I got this cute birdcage hanging at M's yesterday and it had a picture of some birds in it that did match my decor, but of course us crafty chica's see many options to fix it!

Here is my final result I used some shabby paper from a pack I found really cheap at Ross one day, and some K&co elements that matched perfect. I also used my cricut to die cut the shape in the background and the scroll above the picture, oh and the bow border towards the bottom. It's kinda hard to view in the picture but the paper used for the bow is flocked it's really pretty =) and the ribbon border across the bottom is a pleated satin that worked really well.

I hope you chica's like it was fun to make and I got the cute lil birdie's at M's and just clipped them on for a fun accent..
well until next post chica's have a lovely Sunday afternoon