Monday, March 8, 2010

A little gift of appreciation..

Hola chica's..
Recently I hosted a SU party and thanks to a few great friends I had an awesome party outcome.. so today I thought I would share a little thank you gift I made for my friend Amanda, You all know that I have been so excited about learning how to crochet well I am even more excited now that I am understanding the book I bought!! It is slowly coming to me.."giggle" but hey at least I am gettin it!

Here is a group pic of the whole ensemble, I used my new SU butterfly die and my new very vintage wheel also from SU.

Here are some close ups for ya.

I hope she likes it! Inside the three little matchboxes are some handmade flowers like the ones on the gift and card, for her to use on some of her own projects! Enjoy Amiga.... until the next thing to share with ya girls.. have a great evening..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today's crochet project!!

Hola chica's hope your all having a great Saturday .. it's raining today so it's the perfect time to craft!

Today I learned how to make a triple layered flower, I am really enjoying the fun I'm having doing this, its exciting to make new things! I have been you-tubing videos and came across this blog here.. "Crochet-Mania" check it out, this is where I got the flower from, and their are so many items I want to try I can't wait!! Hope you like it.. I think I will use it for one of my scrapbook albums.. ok chica's until next time k.. ciao..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check out the Turtle I made!!

Hola chica's... Hope your all having a good week. It has gone by soooo fast for me for some reason, not sure why! But I can't believe it's already March!! Let alone the first week is almost over! Well I made a new toy, this one is for my DD Perla.. she likes turtles because her boyfriend totally is one!! We love him but boy that man is slllooowww!! we tease him all the time "giggle".. so I made her this one and its so dang cute, added the lil heart button to show my love.. she loved it.. which made me happy.. who wouldn't love this cutie!!

Here's a few views for ya.. I just love his lil shell!!

Well chica's hope you all have a wonderful weekend... looks like were gonna have some wet weather "sigh" oh well I guess we need the rain.. should be grateful.. =) until next time chica's ciao..