Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Shower Gift..

Hola chica's.. Thought I would share this recipe box I made for a friends wedding shower! I was inspired by this really pretty apron that I purchased for her that had all the pretty blue hues in it, totally her style! My thought was to make her a basket full of goodies for her kitchen and what better personalized gift than a cute lil recipe box to match!! So I purchased an unfinished wooden box from Michael's and just dry brushed it with some acrylic paints and some ranger stains. I used some stazon ink to personalize the wood box on the back here is the first picture. I didn't want to paint the inside so I just did the edges and left the inside natural. I made some blank recipe cards to go inside with a scene at each tab of type of food! You can see the tab that says "breads" on it..
Here is a view of the front of the box! I painted right over the hinge too.
For the top of the box I found these really cool jewelry charms in the perfect colors and simply attached them to the box with a small ring and used hot glue so they wouldn't move. what a perfect match ha (smile)!!
Here is the whole basket, on the right you can see the pretty apron with all the pretty blues in it..and my lil box was a great addition to the gift basket, I really like that it has something homemade in it from me to her and hopefully she will Cherish it for many years to come..(wink!)
Well chica's I hope you like my post today! Thanks for stopping by and until next time..

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