Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check out the Turtle I made!!

Hola chica's... Hope your all having a good week. It has gone by soooo fast for me for some reason, not sure why! But I can't believe it's already March!! Let alone the first week is almost over! Well I made a new toy, this one is for my DD Perla.. she likes turtles because her boyfriend totally is one!! We love him but boy that man is slllooowww!! we tease him all the time "giggle".. so I made her this one and its so dang cute, added the lil heart button to show my love.. she loved it.. which made me happy.. who wouldn't love this cutie!!

Here's a few views for ya.. I just love his lil shell!!

Well chica's hope you all have a wonderful weekend... looks like were gonna have some wet weather "sigh" oh well I guess we need the rain.. should be grateful.. =) until next time chica's ciao..

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Amanda said...

That is so adorable. You are so talented!