Sunday, February 21, 2010

My cutie snail has a friend !!

Hola chica's,

Well my lil mini snail ain't nothing compared to this Momma Owlie!! Isn't she adorable! I just love her colors and check out her beak, it's a lil heart button, I thought the shape was perfect for it. The pattern actually called for different arms but I really wanted her to have feathers so I created some by using another pattern of ears for a rabbit I just used three on each side to look like little flapping wings! I hope you chica's like her I know I will cherish her for many many years... now my snail no longer has a lonely heart!!
Until next time chica's take care and have a great week..


Gabby said...

Well DANG chica! That's one sassy looking owl! She's GORGEOUS! I need to break out my amigurumi book! I only have book 1 of the Amugurumi World. I'm actually dying to try out the hedgehogs!

What hook size did you use? I mostly use H because it's a nice size for my poor hands to I can NOT work with smaller's awful for my carpal tunnel!

Gorgeous work chica!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

I just love your Owl, the colors you used are colorful.

Irma :)