Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween.. my favorite holiday..

Hola my friends.. sooo sorry its been so long but with two jobs and all my Halloween stuff (that I just love!!) I've been really busy!! But, don't think I haven't been stamping or crafting chica's, cuz I have!! I just love this time of year, all the fall colors and cute stamps out there I just can't resist buying something new each and every year.. its such an addiction..not to mention all the Halloween decorations out there too.. THAT I LOVE AS WELL..!
So my daughter and I have been really busy getting ready for our annual Halloween party that we have! Can't wait, should be really fun!! I just love to see all the costumes that my friends come up with.. its such a fun time..This year our theme is the Flinstones .. I'm gonna be Wilma my boyfriend is Fred, daughter is Pebbles her BF is BamBam and his brother and wife are Barney and Betty, so it should be funny.. all we need is a Dino!
So the following posts are some pics of the decorated house and the fun cards I have so enjoyed making :) (my good friend Carrie here you are chica..!!) lol!! I'm not going to post what I used, too many things! so if you have any ?'s.... just leave me a comment and I will try to answer to all ok.. Please be patient it might be after Halloween..!! love ya all

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Carrie said...

THANK YOU! Very cute, all of them! I can't pick a favorite, they are all great. That is the longest post I've ever seen:) Love ya, wish I could be there for the party.