Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer is gone :(

Hola my friends..
Sooo sorry I've been away for so long but been really busy... anyway I truly have missed my bloggin time too.. so here's a lil something for ya.. I did this card when I went to visit my friend Carrie up in paradise Ca. We had fun just doing really nothin.. it was really relaxing and boy don't we all need more of it!! I know I sure do.. lol.. anyway I think that this stamp set is by obsession impression but honestly I'm not sure... I'm not in the craft room so I can't look!! haha! But I do remember using a paper stack that Carrie had from JoAnne's.. it was a summertime one or travel something like that!! well hey at least I'm posting ! its gonna take me a while to get back in the mode.. sorry!.. anyway I hope you like it I had fun making it... have fun chica's .. until the next post.. and hopefully its a lil more organized lol... ciao...

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Carrie said...

One of the many wonderful cards! Yes it's IO and you bought it from me:) I have a new niece!!! Alyssa Lynn born 9-8-08, 8lbs 11oz! Hope you are having a wonderful day! xoxo!