Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My casita where I create BELLA ARTE!!

Hola Chica's well I finally had a lil time to share my craft space with you.. it's been a work in progress.. and so far I LOVE IT.. here is MY CORNER where I create all my fun stuff.. I purchased this barn shed and made it into my own lil space.. its really cool cuz I'm away from the house in my own lil world!! I painted it all white and added the light pink to the lower half .. stenciled the walls with a damask design and my AWESOME DAD made the counter top for me and put the pistachio green formica on it .. its really easy to clean which I love.. he also helped me put all the lighting up.. and the shelves.. I LOVE HIM..:) Its my own lil shabby chic craft room..

I had this armoire in my room and it was really to big for the space so I decided to use it in here.. it's soooo cool for all my stuff.. I had it painted white.. and my boyfriend one day bought these clear storage organizing units for our bedroom closet .. well I loved them so I used one set in the upper area and its soooo cool cuz you can pull one out and the rest stay put it's like a puzzle!! WHO THINKS OF THIS STUFF!! not sure but its nice to know someone is..!! haha !

Here I decorated my stamp boxes and labeled them which makes it really easy to find stuff.. have a few new ones that need to be done!! ...soon other thing on the list lol..!!

In the drawers I found these cute pink baskets at the dollar store and use them for my STUFF!!

helps keep things organized!! hey every lil bit helps haha!!

In the second one I keep all my inks and more STUFF!! LOL!!

and in the bottom one it houses all my punches and some tools..

This corner is my sewing area I love it cuz in the house I use to have to lug my machine out every time I needed to use it..! now it stays put.. NICE..!!

One day at work they decided to redo the wine area well they threw out all these boxes and I was sooo excited to have seen them because chica's these were beauties.. painted them white, hung them and walla... que BELLA..!! SURE CAME IN HANDY..!!

This is my "CRICKET CORNER" my daughter one day was gonna get rid of this cute pink and white cabinet.. well you know me had to have it.. its now the perfect stand for my cricket love it!

I love milk glass and one day driving by my house I saw a sign that said ESTATE SALE me and those are trouble!! I love to shop and well I had to go .. I scored on this lamp for 10 bucks its so cute I love it too!! and my AWESOME DAD hooked it right up for me.. thanks papi.. love u..

Here on this wall I bought this magnet board at Ikea and the spice containers too.. just love to store all my flowers in them .. so easy to see all the colors.. :) and the magnet baskets I got at target on the clearance rack for 1.25 each.. painted them to match and my ribbon fits pretty goon inside..!!

well Chica's I hope you enjoyed my casita ...I sure do .. it's really nice having your own space .. and I dont miss all the mess on my dining room table haha!! below is the view from the outside I had to put a doggie door in for the KIDS!! you know.. spoiled rotten ones.. oh well love them too.. well my casita really needs a name so I was hoping for some suggestions .. how does "casita de bella arte" sound.? please help..ok Chica's hasta next time hope you have a great afternoon ..


Sue said...

oh my gosh...this is a wonderful space...and it is that much more special with your papa's helping hands!

Anita said...

I want a casita, too! It's just awesome! Thanks for sharing! My daughter is a CTMH consultant so most of my stuff is made using those products!

Colleen said...

Totally love your space! Fabulous!

Carrie said...

Wish I was there!

My true self said...

I ADORE your space!! I also love milkglass and I SO want that lamp :) Very beautiful! You have talent my dear!